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About Us

Our Mission

Panthera Solutions Sarl is an Applied Behavioral Finance specialist, based in the Principality of Monaco.

Our Intuitive Behavioral Design ®  solutions empower asset managers and asset owners to significantly, lastingly and measurably improve their investment decision quality.

Panthera inclusively facilitates directed change in the customized form of training, coaching, consulting and Behavior-Tech solutions. Our intervention framework, assignments (EUR 100+ billion AuC) and academic publications have proven us to be innovation leaders in Europe. 

Our most recent launch, the Panthera Treeis a unique Behavior-Tech solution that facilitates most evidence-based investment decisions for professional investors to strengthen their competitive edge.

Our Purpose

Panthera Solutions Sarl is more than a company. It is a think tank. A laboratory. A solutions provider. An agent to facilitate directed change. Panthera Solutions embodies the idea that market complexities can be mastered most effectively with empowered market participants that are supported by aligned teams and a robust choice architecture. This combination put in action transpires professional investment management into a crafted, skillful art.

Our Values


We craft integrative, respectful and participative interventions. Thought leaders in our field, while remaining continuous learners. This results in a relationship at eye-level.


Guaranteed budget limits, mutual goal definitions and a diligent progress documentation enable clients to stay in control of the consulting process.


We are only paid by our clients. No kickbacks, incentives or any other conflict-of-interest-biased remuneration. Ethics and empathy matter.


Discretion is a mandatory duty. We establish lasting and trustful relationships with our clients. Confidentiality acts as prerequisite for those relationships.

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