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Panthera Solutions Sarl has been awarded for offering the “Most Innovative Training for Investment Professionals – Europe” by the magazine International Investor in its 2020 awards.

This honor recognizes our ambition to effectively and innovatively empower professional investors.

At Panthera Solutions we empower asset managers and asset owners to specialize innovatively. Our expertise as Applied Behavioral Finance specialists allows us to tailor our interventions to the specific needs and requirements of a professional investment process. The proprietary Panthera Intervention Framework enables us to design training, coaching, consulting and Behavior-Tech elements.

This award focuses on our training programs.


Our Panthera Academy bundles all the training-related resources in capacity building and academic research within Panthera Solutions Sarl for the benefit of professional investment management.

The Panthera Academy is a dear initiative to us. Our mission is clear. The investment decision quality marks a primary success factor for professional investors. Behavioral considerations are unavoidable. We want decision makers to be empowered for taking the right decisions right.


As part of the Panthera Academy we introduced a new format: The Panthera Masterclass. It solves the significant managerial problem of how to seamlessly implement tailored lessons learned from educative offerings in investment management.


We all have our individually calibrated investment decision support system. It consists of behavioral and choice architectural routines. During all times and in addition to the profit motive, your investment decision quality needs to strengthen your innovative specialization as a market professional to maintain your edge.

This means nothing else than finding a routine for how to continuously improve on your investment decision support system. This is easier said than done. For each of us to change our behavioral and choice architectural routines, certain conditions need to be met. Our Panthera Intervention Framework focuses on how to lastingly improve your investment decision support system, enabling you to stay resiliently focused on most evidence-based investment decisions.

Should you be interested in our training programs or other intuitive behavioral design solutions of ours, please download our seminar catalogue (below) and/or reach out to Victoria Barker (vbarker@panthera.mc / Head of Sales) for more information.

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