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Today, we share with you particularly exciting news. The CFA Institute is sending Markus Schuller on a speakers tour across East Africa. At different CFA Society East Africa events, Markus will speak about “Behavioral Alpha & Adaptive Asset Management”. Four countries in four days. This prestigious tour will make him stop in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) on November 4th, in Kenya (Nairobi) on November 5th, in Rwanda (Kigali) on November 6thand in Uganda (Kampala) on November 7th

Keynote details: Applied Behavioral Finance puts theory into practice, offering a unique set of tools that allows investment managers to gain an edge in increasingly competitive markets. Why is a learning organization relevant for investment decision makers? How to scale an investment business through cognitively diverse investment teams? Which financial innovation is of relevance for investment managers and how to assess? 



Markus Schuller / Panthera Solutions Founder and Managing Partner
“I feel truly honored to be welcomed during the festive occasions of Charter Award Dinners and Exam Recognitions. Those are very personal moments for awardees, after having mastered important educative milestones in their professional lives.

The thoughts I intend to share hopefully encourage them to continue with a steep learning curve, as it is needed. Capital markets are globally intertwined. Emerging and Frontier markets feel the upside of that during good times, when FDIs flow in. They feel the downside even more, when capital is swiftly withdrawn.

There is only one solution: empowering a critical mass of professional market participants, so decisions are taken domestically, while embedding them in a robust market infrastructure, so they can act most efficiently. The East African Community (EAC) is undertaking measures to integrate and deepen their respective market infrastructure. The CFA Societies in East Africa and their charter holders represent important contributors to this critical mass of sophisticated domestic market participants, utilizing this infrastructure. A responsible role in relevant times.”