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Press Release. Budapest/Monaco. November 13th, 2017.
The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE), a majority-owned subsidiary of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), the Central Bank of Hungary, aims at promoting a transparent and liquid market for its listed securities issued both in Hungary and abroad. To achieve this goal, the BSE actively participates in the continuous improvement of the financial culture of domestic companies and investors.

As part of this initiative, the Budapest Stock Exchange intends to increase the level of sophistication of market participants through its newly established training centre, the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB). The BIB is the dedicated education institute of the BSE and the MNB, serving clients in Hungary and beyond. The BIB’s mission is to help banking, insurance and investment professionals to develop all the skills, expertise and innovative thinking required to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving financial markets.

With this cooperation, Panthera Solutions prolongs its well proven logic of cooperating with European Stock Exchanges and their Academies – as neutral and respected network nodes in their markets – to provide education services on asset allocation topics for professional investors.

Gergely Fábián (CEO, Budapest Institute of Banking): „The goal of the Budapest Institute of Banking is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Hungarian financial system and raise professional expertise within the sector through modern, innovative education. With the partnership of Panthera Solutions we bring top-level education on capital markets to Hungary, with courses that can be attractive throughout the region.“

Markus Schuller (Managing Partner, Panthera Solutions): “With the Budapest Institute of Banking operating at the heart of the Hungarian and regional capital markets, it remains a key effort and responsibility to provide the best possible executive education to its market participants. We feel pleased and honored to have been chosen to contribute to this ongoing sophistication process of professional capital market participants in this fascinating country.”